Important Considerations for Moving to a Touch-Free Workplace

Hands-Free Workplace

COVID-19 forever changed the way companies all over the world conduct business. The new threat is invisible, making it difficult to combat, but the main two goals are to protect visitors and employees and stop the spread of the virus. As businesses switch to a hands-free workplace, there are important things to consider.

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A Quick Guide to Upgrading Access Control and Security Systems

If traditional security systems are your first line of defense, then access control adds an extra layer, preventing physical security breaches and securing your property. Outdated security systems put your business at a higher risk of security breaches and internal misuse. But how do you know when the time is right to upgrade your security system? Here are some signs, so you know when it’s time.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Access Control Now and in the Future

Impact of COVID-19 on Access Control

When COVID-19 first appeared, it shocked the world to its core. Businesses and governments struggled to find ways to work and keep countries open while slowing the spread of the pandemic. Today it’s our new normal as social distancing has changed the way we work and even shop for groceries. Now businesses are using new…

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Using Video Monitoring to Protect Your Business Property Even During Economic Downturns

Video Monitoring

Economic downturns can cause major uncertainties for businesses in the United States. With these downturns comes an increase in criminal activity, so it’s critical to make sure that your business is properly secured. Some cities like New York City reported a 12 percent increase in the overall number of crimes, even though fewer people are on the streets due to social distancing.

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How Access Control Helps Businesses During COVID-19

Access Control

With many states issuing orders to shelter in place and for all non-essential businesses closing, COVID-19 has changed the world and the way we do business. Thankfully, advancements in security technology help us navigate in this unfamiliar landscape. The solution is modern access control. Here are some things that access control can do for you and your business.

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Minimizing False Alarms with Video Verification Technology

Video Verification

Verifying the cause of alarms has been an ongoing challenge for the security industry. Today’s video monitoring solutions are expensive and awkward as well as difficult to sell and maintain. There’s no quick way to verify security events without security personnel searching through footage until now. Video verification delivers video footage or security incidents to alarm monitoring stations showing them exactly what happened.

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