Fire Alarm Testing & Inspections
Fire Alarm Maintenance, Repair & Service

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IDS specializes in service to companies with multi-location properties, and large single and campus facilities throughout the Southeastern part of the United States. We ensure national and local fire code and insurance company compliance, safety and optimal system performance to protect life, property and your business mission.

Complete Fire Alarm Services

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Testing and Inspections

IDS test and inspection services cover basic to complex fire alarm systems, even those installed by others. Our accurate and complete testing and inspections include all aspects of your system and are conducted in accordance with all legal and insurance requirements.

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Get a hard copy and electronic PDF of all inspection and testing activities. Our code compliant reports are thorough, complete and easy to read and understand. You get world class reporting with exceptional service and customer care.

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IDS fire alarm maintenance agreements are custom crafted to your system size and hazard levels and they help ensure your fire alarm system is functioning as designed when needed. There are no second chances with a fire and our maintenance agreements maximize system life and performance.

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Service Agreements

Avoid unplanned expenses associated with fire alarm service and repair with a practical and affordable service agreement from IDS. Get priority service response while avoiding costly unplanned expenses. We custom create service agreements that provide practical protection of your fire alarm system.

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24/7/365 Service

Get emergency repairs at any time on any day, regardless of system installer or manufacturer. Our trained technicians are knowledgeable and properly equipped to handle most emergency repair situations quickly and effectively.

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Replacement Parts

We carry in-stock a wide variety of fire alarm system replacement parts. Call on us to supply replacement equipment and/or labor. We carry a large quantity of replacement fire alarm system parts for most any system.

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