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Comprehensive Access Control Solutions

IDS designs, sells, installs, services, manages and supports a wide variety of access control systems. We come up with the best possible solution to your business and building security needs. From small to global enterprise systems, IDS is a leading access control systems provider in the Southeastern United States.

IDS Access Control 1

Any Technology

We work with all card technologies and biometrics. PC - based or web - based. Stand-alone, integrated with your IT network, or hosted in the cloud and managed by IDS.

IDS Access Control 2

Managed Services

You get more choices with IDS. Manage your access control system on your own or use our managed hosted solutions. We can do it all for you, including system updates and IT support.

IDS Access Control 3

Advanced Reporting

Get real-time critical information via text, email or check-ins. Our mobile reporting capabilities bring greater deployment efficiency for security personnel.

IDS Access Control 4

Lockdown Features

Ideal for schools, churches, hospitals and multi-family housing, lockdown features allow you to secure facility access with a single push of a button. Keep intruders out or from moving around in your building.

IDS Access Control 5

Visitor Management

Affordable, practical solutions to enhance security and safety while allowing visitors proper access to your facility. Go beyond a log book to get the visitor control you need.

IDS Access Control 6

HR Integration

Accurate time and attendance, add and remove personnel from databases and digitally audit data to recreate events. We help you integrate access control to streamline business operations.

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