Planning Planning and Training: The Proactive Approach To Campus Violence

The threat landscape in school and universities across the nation has changed drastically in the last few decades. The increase in school violence has left many educational institutions wondering how they can plan for violent events. Active shooter incidents occur without any warning signs making them impossible to predict.

K-12 schools, colleges, and universities plan for natural-disasters and health-related incidents. They also practice fire drills but are they prepared for an active shooter? To minimize the number of casualties in shooting events on campus, it’s critical to be proactive versus reactive.

Train and Plan for Violent Events on Campus

In the past, school administrators didn’t worry as much about an active shooter on their campus because these incidents were few and far between. However, now they’re on the rise, and schools are beginning to realize that their students could become victims of a violent incident at any time. It’s no longer a matter of if, but rather when. Mass shooting incidents such as the one in 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School change the lives of those involved forever.

It’s imperative that campus security administrators develop plans for active shooter incidents and train faculty and staff on how to act swiftly in these events. Hold training events several times a year to help staff learn their roles and what they need to do during active shooters incidents. The more training faculty and staff receive, the better they’ll be at responding to volatile situations.

Collaborate with local law enforcement and first responders so that practical exercises will be as real as possible. It allows for everyone to work together, making response to an active shooter incident streamlined and efficient.

Integrate Your Security Systems with Your Security Plan

Integrate technology with your security plan to increase how you prevent and manage active shooter events. There are a variety of technologies to implement, such as mass notification systems, access control, and gunshot detection technology.

These systems help you control these situations to a certain extent. Access control prevents a shooter from even entering some of the buildings and mass notification systems disseminate pertinent information quickly. Gunshot detection technology helps you locate the active shooter and reduces the response time of law enforcement and first responders.

Combine training and planning, and you’ll be better prepared to handle violent events on campus. Adequate planning and training will save many lives.

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