Commercial Security

Essentials for Church Security Planning

No matter the location or the size, today’s churches and synagogues need to make security a top concern. From theft, to vandalism, to threats, faith-based organizations are especially vulnerable to specific types of crimes. Criminals don’t expect churches to have the same amount of protection that businesses do; the good news is, church administrators can prove them wrong by being proactive. Here are some ways to get better equipped for safeguarding your worship facilities in 2021.

Improving Your Business Security This Year

Information security will always matter to the health of your business – but in 2021, physical security needs to move up on the priority list. Once you start approaching physical security with more urgency, the first action to take is scheduling a security audit. This is an appointment that can show what needs to be done in order to keep your business safe from those who would trespass, burglarize or loiter at your site. Here are some of the security measures that may be explored during your security audit.

Benefits of Keyless Door Entry Systems for Businesses

Although a variety of new security concerns have arisen over the past year, there’s nothing new about the need to keep office buildings secure. Security has always been a priority in the workplace, but some of the modes of security businesses have used over time are now becoming obsolete. Case in point: employee keys.

5 Security Investments to Consider in 2021

Retailers of all sizes are cutting back their 2021 budgets – but if there’s one thing to be learned from the events of 2020, it’s the importance of investing in security. Theft, vandalism and even violence have impacted retailers this year, and no one can say for sure what the next year will bring. With that in mind, here are five security investments to consider in 2021.

Why You Need a Smart Business Security System for Enhanced Security

Every business owner wants to safeguard their property and protect employees, visitors, and assets. But if you think your old legacy security system is secure, think again. Advanced security technology doesn’t just offer top-notch protection; it adds convenience so you can run your business, no matter how many sites, efficiently. Here’s how a smart security system can help.

Unlocking Your Building’s Potential with Access Control

As technology advances, intelligent security systems provide more ways to manage access to your business. If you’re still using traditional locks and keys, it’s time to change to a smarter way to secure your property and protect your assets, employees, and property better. The future or building security is an access control system that gives you the freedom you need to manage your business from anywhere while enhancing security.

How Video Surveillance Reduces Risks Post-COVID-19

Businesses all over the world had to close because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As time went on, the primary issue companies faced was how to reopen their businesses safely while fighting an invisible threat. Video surveillance has proven to be the answer to the questions posed about how to maintain operational efficiency while keeping employees and visitors safe.

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