5 Security Investments to Consider in 2021

Retailers of all sizes are cutting back their 2021 budgets – but if there’s one thing to be learned from the events of 2020, it’s the importance of investing in security. Theft, vandalism and even violence have impacted retailers this year, and no one can say for sure what the next year will bring. With that in mind, here are five security investments to consider in 2021.

1. Video Storage Upgrade

If you’re retail owner still storing your surveillance video with DVR technology, this can be a major security compromise. Replacing the DVR with a network video recorder (NVR) can narrow any gaps without the need to upgrade your cameras. NVR works with analog and IP cameras alike, which means you can work with what you have for now and rest assured that your surveillance video is stored securely for the long-term.

2. Video Analytics Technology

Video surveillance is crucial, but it’s just a starting point. After the security concerns of 2020, video analytics technology is a wise consideration for 2021. This technology makes your cameras motion-triggered, but that’s just the beginning. It can also:

  • Monitor the time people spend in the store
  • Determine how long people are waiting in line
  • Identify when people and objects appear or disappear from view
  • Determine your indoor occupancy levels

If you’re a retail owner looking to make a deeper investment in video surveillance, consider video analytics equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

AI takes video analytics to the next level; it can distinguish visitors from employees and vendors, for example, as well as ensure that you only receive alerts for custom events. This more advanced surveillance is an excellent way to upgrade loss prevention efforts.

3. Video Verification for Alarms

False alarms are becoming more prevalent and more costly. In 2021, you can’t afford to worry about the headaches that come with false alarm triggering. Video verification helps improve your alarm system’s effectiveness and eliminate the expense that comes with false alarms. No more going to the store afterhours to verify an alarm or apologize to law enforcement, and no more paying steep municipal fines for false alarms. 

4. Remote Security Guards

If you’re a retailer impacted by the events of 2020, hiring a security guard service may seem like the only practical solution. But can your budget really support hiring around-the-clock contracted workers (at the tune of $60,000 a year or more)? A great alternative is to hire a remote security guard service, where a team of guards monitors your location on live video and intervenes when necessary. The two-way voice technology enables direct communication with the guards when needed, and the guards patrol your site remotely at the hours you determine. In most cases, this can be equally effective and much less costly than hiring a live security force.

5. Network Infrastructure

Security services are only as good as the network they live on. When retailers have limited bandwidth, your security technology may be in conflict with other important applications, like your point-of-sale system or card processing. The only way to make sure nothing is in conflict is to adequately invest in your network infrastructure: bandwidth, 4G/5G wireless connectivity technology and routers, for example. A professional audit can help you see where gaps exist so you can allocate budget accordingly.

For retailers impacted by the events of 2020, these are five security investments to consider in 2021. To inquire about any of the solutions suggested here, contact us today. We will be glad to speak with you.

About IDS Alarm Services, Inc.

As an experienced security integrator, IDS Alarm Services, Inc. has served clients in the Southeast U.S. since 1990. Their innovative product offerings include Access Control, Fire Alarms, Network Wiring, Security Systems, and Video Surveillance. Contact us today if you have any questions about adding security or fire alarm systems to your property.

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