How Access Control Helps Businesses During COVID-19

With many states issuing orders to shelter in place and for all non-essential businesses closing, COVID-19 has changed the world and the way we do business. Thankfully, advancements in security technology help us navigate in this unfamiliar landscape. The solution is modern access control. Here are some things that access control can do for you and your business.

Guest Pass Links

Guest pass links help you limit contact with card readers and keypads as well as make it more convenient for trusted guests to enter your facility. You can set a predetermined time and date that someone needs to get into the building, and your security system sends a link to their smartphone. They can enter with the link, and it reduces contact with keycard readers and keypads.

Use First Person In and Last to Leave Features

Access control systems allow administrators to set schedules for times when the doors should remain locked until the first person arrives at work and unlocks a door during set hours. If for some reason, you must close the office during regular business hours, this feature works well. Users can restore normal entry settings using the last-to-leave features if no one is in the office during this time frame.

Touchless Access Control Solutions

It’s easy to go hands-free with a new access control system. You never need to touch the keypad or card reader to get into your business. Try these ways instead:

  • Unlock any doors using the security app on your phone
  • Instead of touching the card reader or keypad with your bare hands, use an inanimate object like your phone or a covered part of your body like your arm or elbow
  • Install the automatic door lock/unlock feature to unlock a door remotely

Remotely Unlock Doors No Matter Where You Are

The automatic door lock and unlock feature works when you’re not at work too. It’s really helpful if an employee needs in the building or there’s an unexpected delivery, and you’re not there.

There’s no need to run into the office if someone needs inside the building, and it’s your day off when you can unlock the door remotely. System administrators can make the feature available to users from the mobile app or directly from the control center.

Security Lockdown

Access control systems let you implement lockdown plans for your facility. You can activate the plan no matter where you are, based on possible scenarios in progress. Then you can revert to normal access settings after the emergency or incident is over. This feature is available on any mobile device or through main control center.

Access control can help you manage your business remotely and reduce unnecessary physical contact in line with the suggestions and guidelines provided for social distancing. For more information on how access control and intelligent security solutions can help you and your business in the age of COVID-19, contact IDS Alarm Services.

 About IDS Alarm Services, Inc.

As an experienced security integrator, IDS Alarm Services, Inc. has served clients in the Southeast U.S. since 1990. Their innovative product offerings include Access Control, Fire Alarms, Network Wiring, Security Systems, and Video Surveillance. Contact us today if you have any questions about adding security or fire alarm systems to your property.

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