Why Routine Fire Alarm Maintenance is Critical to Protect Your Investment

Your business is a significant investment from your employees to the property. Since you rely on the fire alarm system to protect all aspects of your company, it’s essential to maintain it regularly. Routine maintenance ensures that all aspects of the fire alarm system work properly and therefore, guarantees the safety of your people and business. Here are a few ways that professional fire alarm system servicing by a certified security integrator protects your investment.

Even the Cleanest Offices Have Dirt, Pollutants, and Debris

Whether you have regular office cleaners or not, there can still be dust and contaminants brought in through office traffic. The more traffic, the more pollutants. These contaminants can interfere with the smoke detectors in your office that are an integral part of the fire alarm and safety systems. Regular inspections include cleaning the smoke detectors so that you always know they’re in working order.

Outdated Fire Alarm Systems

Regardless of how cutting-edge it was when you first purchased it, your alarm system becomes outdated, just like other machines and electronics. As your fire alarm system ages, the electrical components degrade, regardless of the care taken to preserve it. Over time the system could fail to function. Regular maintenance prolongs the fire alarm’s lifetime, making it an excellent safety investment.

Human Tampering Whether Intentional or Unintentional

As well as performing regular maintenance on your fire alarm system, a licensed security integrator should also be contacted immediately after a vandalism or break-in to your business. An inspection can ensure that the system works and isn’t compromised.

Also, make sure that the professionals servicing your alarm are licensed in the relevant certifications necessary to properly maintain your alarm system. Commercial alarm systems are complex and delicate. They should only be worked on by a licensed fire alarm system integrator. The National Fire Prevention Association has set forth specific standards for inspections as well.

Nobody wants anything bad to happen to their employees and business, and few people prepare for emergencies such as fires. A regularly maintained fire alarm system can save your employees lives. Rapid response from fire and emergency personnel can make sure that your building and property sustains minimal damage.

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